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To enable communities to build beyond infrastructure.

After decades of underinvestment, our nation’s infrastructure is deteriorating, which is further compounded with increased coastal flooding, storm events, and wildfires. But it is not only infrastructure improvements that are needed. The people who live and work in our communities seek quality, long-term jobs, environmental justice, and a voice. 

At Community Infrastructure Partners, we are challenging the status quo for how infrastructure is being addressed. Every community has unique infrastructure goals and dynamic social, environmental, and financial needs. Through our approach, we structure and implement a performance-based delivery model with a goal to deliver infrastructure better, faster, and cheaper.



We have disrupted the delivery model for infrastructure because nearly 9 out of 10 construction projects don’t finish on time and more than half are over budget. There are many reasons for this including limited contractor capacity, process inefficiencies, and little to no accountability. In our programs, we act as the single point of accountability to deliver infrastructure on time and on budget with performance-based metrics that tie our compensation to successfully achieving a communities’ desired outcomes.
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Our model for community infrastructure bundles single projects into larger programs that allow us to realize efficiencies through economies of scale and streamlined practices. Our approach allows communities to prioritize their most urgent infrastructure needs while developing and implementing broader master plans to achieve their resiliency goals.
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Creating value and delivering quality projects are key tenets to our approach. Did you know that communities spend 40% of their budgets planning and designing projects that never get implemented? Creating a delivery structure with accountability allows for municipalities and utilities to only pay for projects that are fully constructed resulting in major cost savings that can be applied towards additional projects and priorities.
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Our Values

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