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Wausau, WI (October 12, 2023) – Today, Mayor KatieRosenberg of Wausau, Wisconsin, announced a pioneering initiative that will revolutionize the effort to eliminate lead service lines (LSLs) across the nation.

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Building on her participation in the Vice President's Lead Pipe Summit earlier this year, Mayor Rosenberg is leading the charge to replace an estimated 8,000 LSLs in Wausau, Wisconsin, with an innovative Community-Based Public-Private Partnership (CBP3) approach, originally developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over ten years ago.

Community Infrastructure Partners Successfully Supplies Oversight of Emergency Stormwater Purification Project

by Community Infrastructure Partners

(April 18, 2023) – The work was part of SIG’s Emergency Contractwith Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities’, at their Brockway Place Trash TransferStation (Station).

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“As public and private entities struggle with aging and inadequate infrastructure, they deserve more than short-term, quick fixes that won’t last,” said Pete Littleton, Chief Operations Officer,Community Infrastructure Partners

Overcoming the Status Quo in Solving America’s Water Crisis Through Public-Private Partnerships

by Community Infrastructure Partners

(February 26th, 2023) – “In spite of all of our optimism in this moment, we are still fighting against the status quo.”- Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America.

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On Friday,January 27, Vice President Harris hosted the inaugural White House Summit on Accelerating Lead Pipe Replacement. The room was filled with a variety of stakeholders who were all in agreement that something must be done. However, there is still an inordinate amount of work and an incredible degree of alignment needed between the federal government and the local municipalities and utilities to ensure that lead is entirely eradicated in their communities.

Biden’s water upgrade plan ‘ripe for P3 investment’

by Paul Jarvis

(February 6, 2023) – CIP's Chief Business Officer Sean Agid shares his thoughts with Paul Jarvis, P3 Bulletin, on how a lead service line replacement (LSLR) program fits the Community-Based Public-Private Partnership (CBP3) model very well.

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“When you think about the challenges of an LSLR program, you have thousands of small projects that are geographically dispersed, limited contractor capacity, private property owner coordination and more,” he said. “Furthermore, most of the lead pipes are in the most underserved communities.”

Slimming down: Why small projects are driving innovation in U.S. P3s

by Paul Jarvis

(November 21, 2022) – The US is known for some of the world’s largest P3 projects. Whether it’s LaGuardia Airport in New York, Maryland’s Purple Line or the Sepulveda Transit Corridor currently in procurement in California, there has always been a smattering of projects across the country that offer investors the chance to put a large amount of cash behind a deal.

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Sean Agid, CIP’s Chief Business Officer, is featured in the article where he explains, “Smaller projects are necessary because the US public sector is extremely fragmented down to the local level. For example, you have the federal level, passing money down to 50 states, with hundreds of municipalities in each state . . . When you’re working with mega-cities and large authorities, the bureaucracy means it can take years to get deals done. Mid-sized authorities are able to move a lot faster due to having a smaller number of decision-makers.”

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A new take on community-based water P3s

A new market entrant believes it can make a difference by integrating local communities into building tailored solutions.

(October 20, 2022) – The formal launch of Community Infrastructure Partners (CIP) late last month marks the entrant of a new competitor into the growing market for community-based public-private partnerships in the US water market. Read the whole article through GWI's website:

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Infralogic Interviews: startup pitches vision for community infrastruture

by Liam Ford

(October 5, 2022) – A new US infrastructure services company wants to help contractors and government agencies to scale up small infra projects using community connections and local resources.

Community Infrastructure Partners launched in September to bring disparate firms together to work on performance-based contracts that aggregate smaller projects into a larger whole, CEO Shawn Kerachsky told Infralogic in an interview.

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Community Infrastructure Partners Set to Transform Infrastructure Delivery Models by Putting Communities First

NEW YORK CITY,N.Y. (Sept. 21, 2022) – Community Infrastructure Partners (CIP) today announced the launch of their company that intends to challenge the status quo for how infrastructure is being addressed in the offering a performance-based delivery model to implement infrastructure improvements better, faster, and cheaper than traditional means.

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